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3 min readFeb 12, 2022


1. Mission Statement:

Helping as many businesses as possible make a profit through social media without abandoning good ethics. We believe every business can be extremely successful with the right methods, without going against what is right. In building great content, we strive for a deep connection with our audience.

2. Vision statement:

We believe that you can do business, meet the bottom line, be ethical, customer-focused and make a valuable impact with engaging content. For us at Notion, doing business goes beyond making profits, it is about inspiring people to dream, and believe in those dreams. Because social media is the number one medium through which businesses connect with customers, we help brands build the right community and connect with their target audience using engaging content.

3. Why Us:

Notion seeks to help businesses connect with their customers, provide immense value to these customers and inspire them to be better and profitable. For us at Notion, business is more than just making a profit. We want to first help businesses inspire belief and connect with their audience on social media. We know that with the right connection, done right, businesses will make a profit. Also, a strong and positive brand image is hinged on truthful and honest business ethics. We want that for every business we work with. For us at Notion, we Inspire Belief and connect.

4. Our Values:

At Notion, we are deeply rooted in:

· Passion: There can be no effective social media marketing without passion for the story or the brand. At Notion, every client has a story to tell, a solution to proffer. We buy into the vision and become one with it. And this allows us to be in the client’s shoes and also in the customers.

· Inspire: More than just selling, we plan, design and create content that gives hope and inspires the customers. And hope is the scarcest commodity in a noisy world.

· Believe and connect: We don’t just create content that sells, we create engaging content that inspires belief in customers and helps them connect with their humanity.

· Knowledge and Learning: Understanding how choked up the industry is, at Notion, we create content that digs deeper into the customer’s mind, and helps them solve knotty issues.

· Quality Matters: Speed of delivery means nothing with poor quality. We are committed to excellence and speed. Every content is new, fresh and always has the audience hooked from the start.

· Happy Customer: Every customer’s needs come first at Notion. We are in business to serve our customers, and serve them well.

· Ethics is paramount: Business is more than the bottom line for us at NOTION. We deliver timely world-class service while adhering to the right business ethics. We do business right and do it well.

5. About Us:

We understand that connecting with your audience is important for your business growth. At a time when when social media has become so noisy, businesses can’t afford to be ordinary. At Notion, we help your business stand out through our dedicated staff and commitment to excellence and business growth. We are dedicated to changing the negative ways businesses see and use social media. While making you loads of money!



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