Last year was hectic for me. As in, 2020 was that type of year that you’d look back at and sigh, and say thank you lord that I am still here. 2020 show me pepper.

Another year is here. Although the whole idea of new year resolutions and goals and aspirations have always felt like hogwash and overdo to me, however, I have decided to, no, not jump on the bandwagon of making resolutions, but hop on another type of wagon: the direction-making wagon.

This year I have chosen to have a set of principles that will guide me through the year.

These principles are not my core principles, in that these are not the most profound value system I represent, but they stem from the core of my values: add values all the time.

Before I share these principles with you, I’ll love to share snippets of my year with you.

Permission to share?


Thank you.

In 2020, I had three near-suicide attempts. In 2020 I was able to push the boundaries of my creativity. I was able to save money. I was able to not die.

I shared the near-suicide attempt first because it is something that I have been ashamed of. Talking about my fragile mental health is something that leaves me embarrassed. What will people think about me when they read that I have had suicide attempts?

They will think I’m weak and lazy. Maybe my future employer will read it. You know Nigeria employers aren’t open to mental health challenges. Perhaps the employer won’t need my services again because I have mental health struggles.

All these ‘maybes’ stopped me from sharing. But I have told you about it. I hope that I can be more open with these types of information.

So, you see, the outgoing year was though. But I am here.

There are three principles I am going to be working with this year:

  • Action
  • Focus
  • Finish

I watched a Brian Tracy video on goal setting when these thoughts, from Brain’s words, hit me:

“Without focus, no one can achieve anything.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be bursting with fresh ideas, and in the next three weeks have forgotten about the IDEAS.

These three principles are what will guide my decision-making and help with my discipline this year.

  1. Action: Fear stops us from doing the things we know we should do. We are too afraid to take action.

Strike when the rod is hottest. As soon as the idea hits you, don’t waste time analyzing and strategizing; just do it!

It won’t be perfect in the early stages, but at least you’ve done something.

I think it’s John Maxwell who calls taking action ‘Having A Bias for Action.’

Gary Vaynerchuck says the line that separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the number of times they took action.

Do it! Just do it!

Over-Analysis leads to paralysis!

  1. Focus: This year, don’t allow people and things to distract you from doing. Stay on the track.


Be Gritty.

Keep your eyes on the goal. Nothing will work as well as it should if you keep changing direction every three weeks.

For me, I am keeping my focus on my web development. I had started learning HTML and CSS on freecodecamp, but I got too lazy and switched to Java. A week into learning Java and I am not understanding the gibberish they are saying, I switched to C++.

I tried different programming languages but learned none, except basic HTML and CSS.

This year, place a reminder on your phone, laptop, notepad, mirror, anywhere that you look at regularly. Tell yourself that you’ll be focused on a single project and not be like the old me (so help me God).

  1. Finish: Anything that you start, make sure you finish.

I know some projects should be left in the middle of the road because they lead nowhere. But on most of your projects, finish them. Have a bias for completion.

For me, I plan to finish every idea that pops inna me head. I’ll take action, stay focused, and finish the projects.

You too should.

Finishing something you’ve started gives you a sense of accomplishment. Learn to stay true to a course and finish.

What principles are you working with this year?

Do you believe in having guiding principles for the year?

Share your thoughts with me on WhatsApp: 09056705744

Like my friend Diadem will say, THINGS WILL GET BETTER.



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